Welcome to my blog with animations.

Here I show you the work I do in Photoshop and PaintShop Pro.



Sparkling and animated hearts

You can never get too many hearts. My freebie today is 17 hearts in different shapes and color. I hope you like them. Have fun in digiscrap.
nh-hea70 (1)nh-hea70 (2)nh-hea70 (3)nh-hea70 (4)nh-hea70 (5)nh-hea70 (6)nh-hea70 (7)nh-hea70 (8)nh-hea70 (9)nh-hea70 (10)nh-hea70 (11)nh-hea70 (12)nh-hea70 (13)nh-hea70 (14)nh-hea70 (15)nh-hea70 (16)nh-hea70 (17)

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